Don’t be afraid of No…

That’s when the SELLING begins.  Otherwise you are just taking orders.  When a client says “no” to your proposal, you have a jumping off point. Ask them why… Was the copier that you were trying to sell too big?  Were there not enough lines in the cell phone plan?  If you are selling advertising, didContinue Reading


Professionals PRACTICE. If you want to be a PROFESSIONAL seller, then you, too, need to PRACTICE. Golfers – basketball players- baseball players – actors – they all PRACTICE to become exceptional at their craft. So how does one practice being a seller? What things make a seller great? Listening. To be a great seller youContinue Reading

A TO DO List

It’s a must. And it must be written down and rewritten everyday. Whether it’s a pad of paper on your desk or dashboard or a fancy program on your computer or Blackberry it is THE one thing to do everyday. This will keep YOU accountable to YOU. To be the best seller you can beContinue Reading

Do Dinosaurs Still Walk The Earth?

I HOPE SO! What ever happened to the salespeople who asked questions about your business? Who sold solutions to the clients’ problems and challenges? Who LISTENED more than they TALKED? I KNOW there are a few of us “dinosaurs” still out there. I KNOW there are people who get in their car every day andContinue Reading

The Recap

EEEEEEEEEEEK!  You mean I have to ask them how I did! YES!  Every sale you make you have made a promise to your client to deliver something (at least you better have!) Did you save them money in service calls, because your copier has a record for fewer service calls?  Maybe you saved them moneyContinue Reading

Thank you

Two very powerful words.  Think about how YOU feel when someone thanks you. Let’s say you land a big account.  You have been working on it for months, and finally the president of the company signs off on your proposal and thanks you for all of your hard work and patience in bringing this dealContinue Reading

So You Had a Bad Day

Did you lose a sale to your competitor?  Did your computer crash?  Kids spill breakfast all over your 9am presentation that you worked 3 days on?  Did you get shorted in your commission check and were told you have to wait till next month’s commission check for the difference? Yeah, that’s a bad day.  SoContinue Reading