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No Time to Sell?

No time to sell? MAKE time to learn!

When is the last time you said, “If I didn’t have all this OTHER stuff to worry about then I could sell something?”

Technology has taken us to a different place.  We are expected to report on progress, time and successes by using spreadsheets, client management programs and apps.

Sometimes it seems there is no time left to sell, right?


We have so many advantages over what we had ten, even five years ago.

This technology can help us to better manage our business.  If we spend less time fighting it and more time learning and embracing new programs, spreadsheets and apps with what we know as sellers and our history of former success, who knows where we can go!

The bottom line is our companies are asking more of us at every level.  If you have SALES in your blood, you will oblige.  You will because you HAVE to be selling.  It’s what you do.  It’s what WE do.  Don’t fight it.  I can tell you that we will not be reverting back to word processors and fax machines, ever.

Take the negative energy you may use to fight change and convert it to POSITIVE energy to learn and grow and watch your sales skyrocket.

So when your manager asks you for a new report or ANOTHER report – DO IT.   Find a way to USE IT to make more sales – to make more money.

Stop fighting it.  Make the change, and get back to doing what you do – SELLING – fast! The longer you stay off track complaining about CHANGE, the longer you are not making money.

Now, go sell something!