The Key to Successful Sales Negotiation

string beans

“Negotiation” seems like a such a serious “corporate” term, but in reality, we do it every day. If you have kids, you negotiate: “Eat your green beans and you can have dessert… Get an A in biology and you can have an iPhone…” See what I mean? So, what’s the key to any successful negotiation?

The best and most successful negotiators prepare.

In your work you have to prepare to negotiate, just as you do with your kids. You have to know what you want, and what you are willing and able to give to get it. Determine what your bottom line has to be, and decide on where the “wiggle room” is. This may take a couple of rounds, so be prepared with a few “gives” but always with the goal of “getting” something in return.

Write it all down. I know, “YOU don’t need to write it down – YOU got this…” You don’t want to be surprised at how good a negotiator your client is, so write it down anyway. Brainstorm with a leader or peer, and play out all of the scenarios. Then you will be comfortable and confident in your negotiations, and you stand a much better chance of walking away with the deal you want.

And remember, sometimes you walk away, period – with no deal — but that is better than giving up the farm and getting nothing in return.

Now, go sell something!

Photo: Katherine Martinelli

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