Back to Basics: See Your Clients Face-to-Face


Twenty years ago when I started selling radio advertising on an AM and FM signal – yes just two stations! – my sales manager drilled it into my head that if I made ten face-to-face calls every day that I would succeed.  I didn’t sit at the computer and send emails (the office only had one computer for sales to share – I drove to my client’s place of business and looked them in the eye to offer information, to gather information and to make presentations that included solutions to their business goals.

It’s all about getting back to basics, my friend. How many times have you sent an email offering a package or special offer that truly is a great offer, and then sat and waited for the client to call you and say “YES!  I want that!”  Now consider how many unread and unanswered emails that you have in your inbox at this very moment.  We have to get out and see people. We have to pick up the phone and communicate. We have to get back to basics – “Sales 101.” Go see your clients, face-to-face, and watch your productivity and revenue grow.

Now, go sell something!


2 Responses to Back to Basics: See Your Clients Face-to-Face

  1. Sounds like some sound advice that your manager gave you. You obviously have succeeded beyond your former manager’s expectations!